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What This Post Is About: The most amazing Idaho hot springs that you need to visit right now and what to expect when you get there! First Name. I had no expectations for Idaho. Take it from me! I mean, when was the last time you dipped into five natural hot springs in one day? Only in Idaho, folks!

Nude beautiful women in Boise City Idaho

Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links which means I earn a small percentage of every purchase at no cost to you. Some of these hot springs are quite far from one another! The best way to get around will be to have your own vehicle. I suggest planning your Idaho hot springs trip for the fall or early winter! I went in late September and had a majority of the springs to myself. It was quite the magical experience.

Plenty of folks choose to go in the winter because they want that true basking in hot water and jumping into a pile of fresh snow experience. Some of the ro leading to these Idaho hot springs close down in the winter! Pleas eplease please do your research and stay up to date with road closures. There are a few hot springs listed below that have a accomodations attached to them.

Nude beautiful women in Boise City Idaho

You can most certaintly stay at one of these! Please note, it may be more expensive, though. You must follow these guidelines when you visit. Like come on, that is disgusting. Pick up your trash! An Idaho hot spring is a hot spring, not your janky bathtub, people.

The springs cannot tolerate any soap or shampoo, even the all-natural kind. Deciding that you want to cleanse your body in a hot spring can damage every part of it. Learn to turn Nude beautiful women in Boise City Idaho other cheek if it bothers you. Some people find Idaho hot springs meditative. Please respect this. If someone is sitting quietly in the spring, respect that silence and keep your volume low. Some Idaho hot springs are so small that they only fit one to two people inside! If you see someone going into a tiny tub, be mindful that you may not be able to fit in as well. Wait your turn if you must!

Goldbug was the very first Idaho hot spring Scott, and I visited. Upon arriving at the parking lot, you will see a box for a suggested donation. After climbing up for a. When Scott and I arrived at this Idaho hot spring, we found that the pool below the bridge which is the hottest one was a bit crowded. We chose to walk down a dirt path below and go to the second largest pool, which was probably a medium temperature. BUT, we had a pool to ourselves and were able to get the images we wanted.

The boat tub hot spring is a bit tricky to find. The spring is below the smallest roide pull off I have ever seen, and it is SO easy to miss the tub. Luckily, there is a bucket right below that tub that is not trash, but for you to grab water from the cold ass Salmon River next to Boat Box and use it to regulate the temperature.

Scott and I enjoyed sitting in the river for an ice bath, then jumping right back in Boat Box. At Gold Fork, you can Nude beautiful women in Boise City Idaho to find a changing room and towels available for rent. There are even snacks for sale if you forget to bring some! To enter, you will have to be prepared to pay cash only! Know for its barn style exterior this Idaho hot spring is in a resort.

You have a couple of options for soaking here. Your first is to book a room at the Mountain Village Resort, making the hot spring free. The second option is to visit the resort and reserve and time to use the hot springs. Cove Hot Springs is made up of two tiny little pools down by the Salmon River. The water comes up from below, making the floor of the tubs reasonably hot.

I think there are hot springs that are both more scenic and much hotterregardless, I found that this Idaho hot spring can be much more secluded than most others, and there is a restroom near its entrance. Make a stop here if you want to be alone for a bit! While driving along the road, Scott and I stopped at what we thought was an entrance station but ended up being a historic bathhouse. To our surprise, there were Idaho hot springs located on the left and right of the pool.

On the left, you can enjoy a blue bin tub someone built along the river, or you can sit in a small rock pool not as warm as the tub. The right has a slightly larger rock tub. These springs are popular with locals which means you will need to visit early if you want to beat the crowds! The valves make life a whole lot easier because unlike other Idaho hot springs with a bucket, you can use them to adjust the water temperature with river water.

Be wary of the time of year you visit. Warm Lake Highway, where the springs are located, might be closed during severe winter months. Most likely, it can fit about four people inside, so again, get here early if you want a spot!

Not a bad place to spend the day! The only way to access this spring for half of the year is to take in a snowmobile out on a mile ride. Say whaaaaat? Talk about fun! I believe this is a fun option for a friend or family getaway for a couple of days!

Kirkham Hot Springs is likely the most popular Idaho hot spring and for a good reason! I loved going there in the morning because it was secluded and there was so much steam coming from the pools — it was quite gorgeous! With a bit of walking, we found that the warmest pool was over a small rock ledge, while the cooler ones were closer to the entrance of Kirkham. This spring gets extremely popular during the day because you can camp in the parking lot, so make sure you get here early! Say hello to another trendy Idaho hot spring! A waterfall feeds the two pools at Loftus Natural Hot Spring, and they feature a sandy bottom, which means your peach is in for a little exfoliating should you choose to go here.

Nude beautiful women in Boise City Idaho

Temperatures sit around the F mark, which makes it an excellent place for a soak if you can get a spot here. I will say, however, that there are probably better hot springs you can spend your soaking time! Do you like hiking?

Well, Council Mountain Hot Springs may be for you! Add Council Mountain to your Idaho hot spring list if you want to get a more secluded soak in. Once parked, you will be required to walk about half a mile until you reach the first set of springs. Unfortunately, it was not as warm as I would have liked, so we pressed on. The pools are so beautiful! I loved enjoying the views there. The remaining pools are along the river and vary in temperature. I think the best part about Jerry Johnson Hot Springs is its location: a dreamy, fairy-tale like forest.

The final pool is said to be more secluded than the rest and is still very warm! If you want to visit some more amazing Idaho hot springs, consider these! Test the water before you soak. Believe it or not, if you choose to skip out on hydrating, you run the risk of heatstroke! Make sure you bring a reusable water bottle with you and hydrate as much as possible!

Some hot springs are way too hot for your dog and can hurt them in the long run. Bringing a dog into the springs can also present a ificant hygiene issue, so please leave Rex at home. Sometimes a spring may have too many people in it for you to jump in.

Be patient and wait your turn! In the worst-case scenario, you can find yourself another spring — there are plenty! I recommend bringing a large Hydroflask with you on your trip. Idaho hot springs can be super hot and you need to make sure you do not dehydrate.

I cannot emphasize enough how much you will love having a pair of Chacos like these with you. Many of the Idaho hot springs have a sandy, rocky bottom. My Chacos protected me! AND some of the spring floors are covered in algae. I slipped a few times barefoot, but was fine when I wore my sandals! Because most of the Idaho hot springs are in the middle of nowhere, you will want a towel.

You can also have a friend hold up the towel so you can change into something warm after you get out of any Idaho hot spring. Reuseable Water Bottle — Hydroflask 40 oz Bottle. Headlamp — Petzel Tikka Headlamp. Patagonia Better Sweater. Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece. Patagonia Down Sweater. Patagonia Nano Puff. Beyond Yoga Leggings. Eddie Bauer Movement Legging. Vitamin A One Piece. Patagonia One Piece. L Space One Piece. California Hot Springs Road Trip.

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Nude beautiful women in Boise City Idaho

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