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New California laws will raise the minimum age to buy a rifle, determine custody of a pet during divorce and make life easier for home cooks. These are among the hundreds of new California state laws that went into effect on Jan. Here are a few of the ones that people may immediately notice:. Plastic straws are going the way of plastic bags.

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Dine-in restaurants in the state will Wife want hot sex Seal Beach prohibited from giving out single-use plastic straws unless they are requested by a customer. The default option will be milk, water or flavored water with no added sweeteners. Street vendors will have more freedom to sell food. Cities and counties will not be able to ban sidewalk vendors, but they can set up licensing systems to regulate them.

Vendors who violate local laws can only be punished with a fine or citation, not criminal charges. Craft distillers will be able to operate more like wineries. Starting insmall-batch craft distilleries can sell whiskey, vodka and other spirits directly to customers.

There will be more meal options for people in hospitals. Healthcare facilities will now have to offer plant-based meals to patients. Anyone who can cook can start a business under this new law. It allows people to sell food they make in their home kitchens to the public. They can also prepare dinners in their homes for paying guests. The home kitchens must undergo food safety inspections. Food must be sold directly to consumers, not as part of a delivery service.

Employees who want to check their employment records will be able to do more than just see them at their human resources office. They will be able to request a personal copy of their employment file. Publicly traded companies are being put on notice. They must have at least one woman on their boards of directors by the end of and two or more women on their board of directors by Judges will be able to decide who gets custody of a family pet during a divorce. The judge will consider factors like who takes care or feeds the pet. Pet stores will be prohibited from selling live animals like dogs, cats or rabbits that come from breeders.

The animals must be obtained from an animal shelter and the store must post the name of the agency where it got the animal. Adults 18 or older will be allowed to ride electric scooters without a helmet. The new law also increases the speed limit for scooters from 25 to 35 mph. It would still be illegal to ride a motorized scooter on a sidewalk. Bicyclists could face felony hit-and-run charges if they leave the scene of an accident where someone was injured or died. Uber rides will have to Wife want hot sex Seal Beach a cleaner.

Ride-hailing companies will have to meet higher emission standards. Companies like Uber and Lyft will have to increase the of zero-emission vehicles and do more to encourage passengers to pool their rides. Auto dealers will now be required to place a temporary plate on newly purchased vehicles. Repeat and first-time DUI offenders will be required to install an ignition interlock device to prevent a person who has been drinking alcohol from driving a vehicle. The device must be installed for 12 to 48 months to restore driving privileges, but the driver will no longer face restrictions to where they can drive.

Green and white decals that allow low-emission vehicles to use HOV lanes will expire. Vehicles issued green or white decals after January 1,must apply for a red decal. The DMV will issue purple decals in California is loosening its rules on where people can smoke cannabis.

Festivals, museums, nightclubs and other venues will be able to host special events where people can purchase and consume cannabis. Currently, only county fairgrounds are allowed to host these special events. Veterinarians will be allowed to discuss the use of cannabis with their clients, but vets will not be allowed to administer cannabis to animals. An appointment is needed to change gender.

The new law guarantees equal access to streaming services and websites that require higher bandwidths and prohibits ISPs from exempting their own services from data caps. This is all great for consumers, but it is on hold for now. Under this new law, public utilities must implement a plan to incorporate renewable energy resources. SB The law prohibits the California State Lands Commission from approving or renewing leases for the construction of pipelines and docks that could be used to increase the production of oil and natural gas in federal waters.

Election departments must now include a return envelope with prepaid postage for vote-by-mail ballots. Consumers who want a to carry a concealed weapon in public must undergo eight hours of firearms training. Andrews Drive at about p. The victim had just parked his vehicle on southbound St. Andrews Drive just past the speed bump before Golden Rain Road. As he began to walk across the roadway, a southbound car struck the man, who was thrown about 30 feet, according to Security.

After a few moments, the vehicle drove around the victim and fled the scene. The victim, who has not been identified, is in stable condition and expected to survive, according to Security. Seal Beach police investigators believe the hit-and-run car may have been a Fiat or similar-sized car. People can leave messages 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During this time, people who are unable to use the stairs should to go to the Stock Transfer Office on the ground floor of the Administration Building, where the receptionist will help them connect with staff on the second floor. People can check the calendar or contact Administration or Mutual Administration staff for more information.

The GRF apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. The next food distribution will be Jan. Every third Thursday from a.

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People who are unable to apply themselves or pick up the box of food may send a proxy to act on their behalf with appropriate ID. CAPOC will have a representative there to help people with applications for its program and for the separate Cal Fresh benefits, which are food stamps. Bring an ID, Social Security card, proof of income and rent receipt to apply for food stamps. Several factors are weighing on investor sentiment right now, including policy uncertainty regarding trade, weaker oil prices, the path of interest rates and the geopolitical environment.

Despite these pressures, the fundamental backdrop supporting growth in the economy and corporate profits remain sound, suggesting that this recent market weakness may not lead to a recession in Market volatility can be alarming for investors, yet a combination of high employment, solid consumer spending, improved trends for business investment and mild inflation should result in a firm, fundamental foundation supporting growth in the economy and corporate profits in the year ahead.

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For over 30 years, the Investment Forum has been committed to informing and educating Leisure World residents by presenting monthly discussions on timely and important financial topics and current economic trends. The Forum provides information residents can use to make more informed and effective financial decisions. Children-A-Priority will meet at noon today, Jan. The price increase was necessary because caterer expenses have gone up. Chris Moore will serve as president in The club is excited to welcome her enthusiasm and willingness to lead the club into the future.

For more information, call or Many people have had to deal with issues related to safety and their sense of vulnerability.

Wife want hot sex Seal Beach

This can lead to isolation, which increases the challenges that come with living alone. Pathways, a local non-profit that works with clients in Leisure World, is looking for volunteers who want to befriend a neighbor and help them to stay independent in their home. Pathways will host a one-hour informational session on Jan. The truck is in the Clubhouse 6 parking lot at 5 p. Pizza Thursday starts at 4 p. Dominos Pizza is there until 8 p. Special orders can be called in to between 10 a.

Performer Anthony Bernasconi will provide high-energy entertainment singing s and 60s rock and roll in addition to rhythm and blues songs. All LW women are welcome to the club. The meetings include a monetary donation to a charitable organization and professional entertainment. The CERT study group will meet from p. The topic will be a review of light search and rescue from the Community Emergency Response Team book. All CERT-certified responders are welcome.

No reservations are required, just stop by Clubhouse 1 between p. Finbars Italian Kitchen will be in Clubhouse 1 on Aug. Dessert and soft drinks are available for an additional charge. Dinner service is from p. Reservations are not required.

Roma tomatoes, basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil; drizzled with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette on grilled Italian bread. Chicken breast rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs and baked with mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses in a light tomato sauce. Served with pasta marinara and vegetables or rice. Walking near a road or intersection can be dangerous. Motorists need to be vigilant of pedestrians, and pedestrians need to be vigilant of motorists. Although drivers have more responsibility under the law when operating a motor vehicle, pedestrians have more at stake.

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Traveling on foot along the road requires careful Wife want hot sex Seal Beach, sound judgment and care. Walk defensively and be ready for unexpected events. Most important, never assume you are safe when crossing a street using a crosswalk. Make youself visible to drivers and make eye contact with them whenever possible. This is especially important at night, in low-light conditions such as dusk or dawn or in inclement weather. Wear lightly colored or reflective clothing at night and brightly colored clothing during the day.

Pedestrians should pay attention to the surrounding roadway and the behavior of an approaching driver. Many motorists may be distracted while driving, and often do not consider whether a pedestrian may be in the area. Pedestrians should be especially careful at intersections, where drivers may fail to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians while turning onto another street.

Always look left, right, and left again before crossing a street, and keep watching as you cross. Be aware that drivers have differing levels of eyesight and skill in operating motor vehicles. If possible, make eye contact with drivers in stopped vehicles to ensure they see you before crossing in front of them. Using the orange flags located at many crosswalks in the community is highly encouraged for improved visibility.

Cross streets at a corner, using traffic als where available and crosswalks. Look for pedestrian push buttons for crossing protection at alized intersections. If a crosswalk is unavailable, be sure to cross the road in a well-lit area and wait long enough for gap in traffic. Use caution when crossing driveways and alley entrances. Drivers may not expect you to be there or see you. Parking lots can be as dangerous as streets. Pedestrians should avoid walking through parking lots if possible. It can be difficult for a motorist to see a pedestrian walking behind their vehicle due to blind spots.

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Pedestrians should avoid items or behavior that could cause them to become distracted while traveling next to the roadway, including listening to music with headphones, texting or talking on cellphones, reading while walking or engaging in inappropriate behavior. For more information on community operations vehicle and pedestrian code I find it to be very rewarding in my daily life aside from having reliable good friends and associates that make life wonderful.

I enjoy attending the seminars at St. I will take it easy on red meat, sweets, sodium and shortening and eat more fruit and vegetables.

Wife want hot sex Seal Beach

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