Looking for a loyal honest woman

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Without those things, who cares if your partner is a model who earns six figures? And yet, few people keep qualities like loyalty at the forefront of their minds when searching for a partner. Someone who you can grow old with, sipping lemonade in your rocking chairs or going skydiving and rock climbing in your golden years. Out of all of the characteristics that could be on your list, one of the most important ones is loyalty. Without loyalty and trust, there would be no foundation on which to build the rest of your relationship. Part of her loyalty to you would be staying faithful in the long term, even in the face of temptation.

We know, this article is about attracting a loyal girlfriend rather than becoming a loyal boyfriend. Hang in there. In the dating world, like often attracts like even despite the adage that opposites attract. What do they do for each other? How do they treat each other? They still struggle with problems occasionally, of course. However, do they tackle those problems together, with a strong sense of loyalty that binds them into a team? For a goofy but helpful look at loyalty portrayed in a happy fictional relationship, check out this article on Gomez and Morticia Addams.

If you want a loyal girlfriend who will be your partner in all things, you must return the favor and be the healthy, whole person who you want to find.

Looking for a loyal honest woman

Think of it in terms of earning a loyal girlfriend instead of merely attracting one. The right match will see the way you live your life, appreciate your loyalty for the treasure it is, and recognize when she is a great match with you.

And you will recognize the same thing in her because you see it in yourself. As with all things that require personal growth, turning yourself into the male version of the ideal, loyal girlfriend you want to attract will take some time and effort. You may be starting from a great place. Maybe you have most of it down, you just need to figure out how to land some dates in order to display your awesome characteristics to potential matches. When you make an effort to heal and give yourself the proper time to do so, you absolutely can get to a healthy place and attract a loyal girlfriend who appreciates how much work you have put into yourself.

Drop the stigma seriously, no one will judge you for talking to a therapist, and it can do a world of goodshop around for someone you love talking to, and get to work. Sit down and write your thoughts out. Do it every day or at least most days.

Whenever you find yourself having thoughts or falling into habits that you would deem disloyal because they contradict the list of ideals you came up with in step 1 …. Say you have a friend going through a rough patch at work. You know this friend has a history of running his mouth, so your first thought is that he must have gotten himself in trouble. Instead of confronting him about that, reframe your thinking. You love your friend, right?

Looking for a loyal honest woman

You want to be loyal to him. Listen to what he has to say, keep an open mind, and place the health of your friendship over meaningless, at the end of the day things like being right or getting the last word. Practicing being a supportive friend will strengthen those habits. Plus, your friendships will likely benefit, too!

Enforce your boundaries by declining further dates with women who you feel would not make a loyal girlfriend, and take a particular interest in ones who seem promising. Contrary to the stories you might find on dating forums and websites, there are lots of loyal, loving women out there. The trick to attracting and keeping the perfect woman for you is to also be her perfect match. As we mentioned earlier, loyalty is just one of many important traits to cultivate in order to find a healthy relationship.

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Looking for a loyal honest woman

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Looking for a loyal honest woman

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Looking for a loyal honest woman

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Looking for a loyal honest woman

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